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22nd January 2018
January can feel like a tough month for most of us. After the excitement of the Christmas and New Year holiday, where we might’ve filled ourselves with mince pies and turkey surrounded by loved ones, we suddenly find ourselves back in the real world and back to work. That is, if we are fortunate...
6th March 2017
This happens to be National Apprenticeship Week (6-10 March 2017), but apprenticeships are front and centre in people’s attentions for plenty of other reasons as well.
14th September 2016
Are you an aspiring Director? Do you feel that you have sufficient senior experience working in the Construction and Built Environment industry to enable you to make a difference on a Board as a Director or Non-Executive Director?
10th August 2016
The British Armed Forces consist of over 150,000 regular personnel and over 80,000 employed as reservists.
30th July 2016
Craft Your Future a lesson plan to attract Minecrafters into a career in construction