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Contracts & Dispute Resolution

This group appoints adjudicators and arbitrators.

Adjudication is a simple and inexpensive way of resolving disputes between two parties, which appoints a neutral third party to investigate the issues and make a decision. We have led the industry move towards adjudication, rather than more costly forms of litigation, working with other institutions and bodies to set criteria to ensure high standards of competency in adjudicators.

We will identify and appoint the appropriate adjudicator for the particular case, for which we charge a fee of £300.

Arbitration is a more complex procedure, preferred by some for dispute resolution. The Arbitration Act 1996 aimed to address some of the weakness in this method, giving the arbitrator new powers to speed up the process and save costs.

For a fee of £300, we will appoint an arbitrator who will have the qualifications and experience to arbitrate the matter at hand.




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