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First CIOB Middle East AGM and Presidential Visit


First CIOB Middle East AGM and Presidential Visit


14th November 2011




Annual general meeting (AGMs)

Meeting Point:

Holiday Inn (Near the Mall of Emirates), Al Barsha, Dubai


Chairman: James Wates, CIOB President



Booking Details


Aimee Fisker


+44 1344 630 745
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Notice is hereby given that the first AGM for the CIOB Middle East Region will be held on 14th November, 18:00 for a prompt 18:30 start. We are delighted to announce that the AGM will be chaired by the CIOB President James Wates, with the elections for the official Regional Council also taking place. All grades of members are welcome to attend the meeting and, with the permission of the Chairman, to speak.

The agenda for the AGM is as follows:

1.   Chairman's Welcome
2.   President's Report
3.   Financial Report
4.   Regional Council Elections (Please see below for positions)
5.   Presentation of Regional President's medal
6.   AOB
7.   Date of next AGM

The Regional Council consists of the following positions to be voted at the AGM (Please click on the position to view the relevant job description):

Please note: only Fellows and Members present are entitled to vote for the above positions. Nominations closed on 20th October. Voting will be conducted via a show of hands - the minutes of the AGM will record the resolution and number of members voting for, against and abstaining.

Copies of the agenda, reports, Regional Council officers' job descriptions and nominations summary will be available at the AGM.

Panel Session

Time: 19:15-20:00
Venue: Holiday Inn, Al Barsha, Dubai

Following the AGM will be a Panel Session chaired by the CIOB Middle East Regional President - Stephen Lines. The following will be distinguished speakers for the panel session:

CIOB President - James Wates
RICS Regional Chairman - David Cockerton
Secretary General of UAE Society of Engineers - Eng. Mohammed Mashroom

 Simmons and Simmons Middle East Partner - Adrian Cole

Topics for the panel will be:
1.   Sustainability: How is the current economic crisis affecting our drive for a greener industry?
2.   Anti-bribery laws and ethics: How are we going to ensure self-compliance with the peer pressure applied when our current positions are vulnerable?

Networking Buffet

Time: 20:00-21:30
Venue: Holiday Inn, Al Barsha, Dubai

Following the Panel Session, all attendees will be invited to join the CIOB President for a networking buffet.

Please email Aimee Fisker TODAY to register your place at these events:  

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