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Facilities Management

A 'must attend event' Soft Landings - "Addresssing the Performance Gap" 
Date: 7 March 2013
Venue: CIOB Internation Headquarters Ascot

This Conference will be of particular interest to: Clients,  Designers, Architects, Consultants and Facilites Managers.

Facilities Management:  one of the fastest growing professions in the UK and its practitioners require both skill and knowledge. Within this professional discipline, facilities managers have extensive responsibilities for providing, maintaining and developing a myriad of services. Successful organisations now approach FM as an integral part of their strategic plan.

The FM sector is large and complex, continuously expanding to include the management of an increasingly broad range of tangible assets, support services and people skills.

The CIOB are keen to promote excellence in the management of facilities and a working group of members has been established to deliver set aims and objectives and the development of a strategic plan.

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