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Royal Charter

The CIOB was granted a Royal Charter in 1980. Its objectives, as defined in its Royal Charter, are:

    • The promotion for the public benefit of the science and practice of building and construction.
    • The advancement of public education in the said science and practice including all necessary research and the publication of the results of all such research.



Our four Governance Committees advise the Board of Trustees. Committee members consist of Trustees, co-opted members and a representative from Members Forum

The Nominations Committee oversees the election and selection of new trustees and makes sure that the Board of Trustees has the right skill set.  It’s their job to audit all the board members’ skills to make sure that they can manage us properly. 


Our three operational boards, which report to the Resources Committee, make sure that we are carrying out our business in line with our corporate plan. Operational boards are made up of members and co-opted members.

Each board has a number of committees, groups and panels which report into it.

The Education, Qualification, Standards and Practice Board:

Working at the CIOB

The CIOB has spent the past 180 years trying to improve the way we build the world that we inhabit. However, we’re only as good as the people we recruit, so we take great care to pick our staff solely on their merits, and to nurture them throughout their career — something for which we have been awarded an Investors in People Silver Award.

We’re looking for applicants with an abiding interest in the built environment, and a strong desire to make it better through education, persuasion and a willingness to challenge traditional wisdom.   


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