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Sustainability & Environment

Globally, the built environment generates 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions and 40% of energy use. Construction uses 32% of the world’s natural resources. Constructing a carbon free world and improving resource efficiency in our built environment is crucial to combat global environmental challenges.

The Sustainability & Environment Special Interest Group (SIG) will provide a forum for industry experts to discuss sustainability solutions. The group aims to raise the profile of innovative ideas and highlight opportunities for improvement within the sector.

Ethics & Respect for People

Ethics and ethical behaviour are key qualities expected of all CIOB members. We recognise that the whole industry benefits when projects are completed right first time, with respect and fairness for all stakeholders in every project and throughout all supply chains. 

Maintaining ethical principles improves the transparency iof the industry and encourages quality construction.

Digital Technologies & Asset Management

Digital technologies are now an integral part of our built environment. The choice is not when or if built assets will use technologies, but rather how much will be used. Technologies like artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and the Internet of Things raise real questions for members and the industry.

This Digital Technologies & Asset Management Special Interest Group (SIG) will look at how these current and future ways of working will reshape the construction industry and affect job roles. 


The construction industry has always contributed to social mobility by providing a clear route from manual jobs into trades and management. However, the industry is not immune to the threat of skills shortages and an ageing population. Recruiting and developing talent from a wide range of backgrounds is crucial to bring new ideas to the industry, boost productivity and construct an environment for all society.


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