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Bringing you a more accessible member experience

A year ago we launched our most ambitious change project to date: One CIOB.

Over the previous 2 years, we asked members how we could support them better at a local level and what kinds of changes they’d like to see. 

The result was a project with the ambition that all members should be able to access the same high quality products and services, local events, networking and CPD, whatever their location and career stage.

Over the past year, we've been building the foundations that will deliver that vision.

Here's a video we've created, with some of the people who've been working on the project.

A new Local Hub structure

We’ve started rolling out a new Local Hub structure to help us deliver our plans for more accessible events, new CPD, webinars and improved communcations.

Our Local Hubs in the UK and Ireland launched in January 2017, with new committees and dedicated staff in place.

We're currently rolling out new Hubs globally.

New services coming soon

Look forward to the new services we will be bringing you soon:

  • A new Members' Portal, personalised for you
  • Booking Local Hub events online
  • Webinars for you to join live or watch later on demand
  • Newsletter content that reflects your preferred locations and interestes, so you can choose local events and CPD that are relevant to you


Want to join a Local Hub Committee?

You can find out more about committee roles and how to apply here. We'll be launching another round of recruitment for committee vacancies this September.

Any questions?

You can find out more about One CIOB in the FAQs on this page.

If you have any further questions, please email:

Quick Links

Local Hub committee recruitment information

Apply to join your Local Hub committee



Hub practicalities

What is a Local Hub and how is it run?

This is an administrative point which delivers events and services in a local area. A Hub has local staff, a budget and a committee of 6 elected Chartered members. Hubs will offer CPD and advice to members as well as engaging local employers, government and education sector. Hubs will continue to be supported financially by the CIOB.

How does a Local Hub differ from Branches and Centres?

The main difference is that you no longer have to attend events in just one area. You can now attend events anywhere you choose. There will also now be elected committees who will plan events wherever members need them. Staff and committee members have new responsibilities, including engaging with local employers, government and education sector.

Can I only attend events at my Local Hub?

No, the idea is that you can attend any event you choose in any Hub (as well as events we will hold online). We will be introducing online event booking and listings on our events website, making it easier for you to plan ahead. 

Local events can be held anywhere within the Hub area, depending on member demand.

Why these locations for Local Hubs?

We conducted a mapping exercise, looking at where our members live and work and where we thought we could grow membership for the future. We also looked at where major employers and colleges and universities are based and from this, developed the Local Hub structure.

Will there be new Hubs?

This will be the starting point, and may expand to new areas in future, where there is a strong demand and a business case for doing so.

Does each Hub have an office?

Hubs will be virtual for the most part, although many international Hubs will have offices.

How will this impact Novus?

There will be a new Novus global strategy, helping us engage with universities, students and graduates. Novus groups will have their own parallel structure, like the Local Hubs, with a committee of 6 members (not elected). Roles will be open to all member grades, except the Novus Chair which should be MCIOB or ICIOB. A Novus committee member will join the Local Hub committee.

Is this about saving costs?

Each year, branch budgets are underspent by a large amount. This money will be invested in new services and support for members as part of One CIOB.

Improving services for members locally

How will events improve?

We plan to deliver a high-quality core central programme on the latest “must know” topics (including new industry-specific content) as well as exploring new formats and online courses. Local Hubs can also provide relevant CPD for their location.

Will there still be social events?

Yes, face to face social events will still be a key part of what Local Hubs deliver for members, including Annual Dinners, awards and networking.

What improvements to the programme of events can we expect?

Alongside our improved event newsletters, we will now organise events up to 6 months in advance so you can plan ahead. We will also introduce online events in 2017.