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Liz Waters

Award Name: Sir Ian Dixon Scholarship

Host Company: Sir Robert McAlpine

Research Topic: Construction as a Career of Choice for Young People

Award Year: 2015-16

How did the scholarship help you in your career? 

I have already been approached to present my findings at various construction industry events so the hope is that some of the recommendations I have made will be taken on board and I will be asked to input into actioning them. This in turn will help in my career and me personally as it will be extremely rewarding to see all the effort I put in have some real positive impact. 

Why did you want to do the scholarship and your chosen topic?

I saw the scholarship as an opportunity not just for personal growth but to also try and tackle an area with a very real problem which was an exciting challenge. 

I am very passionate about working in construction as it is an  industry which fascinates me at every milestone and which I find personally rewarding. To be able to utilise this to potentially help shape the industry and inspire the younger generation to consider construction as a viable career option was extremely attractive and is why I applied for the SID Scholarship. 


Liz was an absolute pleasure to mentor.  She was so passionate about her chosen topic and that manifested itself in drive, hard work and commitment throughout.  Her understanding of what the problem is, how she should research it and how we all play a part in fixing it was quite remarkable.  I really enjoyed working with her and everyone from CIOB and SID Scholarship team and found the whole experience very rewarding.