Novus 10

This year sees the CIOB celebrating ten years of Novus. Novus is the dedicated, passionate network of young professionals who place the CIOB at the heart of their career and prepare young people to be the next generation of the construction industry. Since its inception in 2008, Novus has continued to grow with groups established worldwide.


With a number of activities having already taken place, including a debate looking at ‘The Sustainable Future of the Construction Industry’ taking place during Members’ Forum, a Novus10 video competition, and blogs, and with local celebratory events set to come over ‘10 days of CIOB Novus’ this is certainly an exciting time for Novus.


About Novus

Novus is a dedicated, passionate group of young professionals who places the CIOB at the heart of their career. The group prepares young people to be the next generation of construction industry leaders and provide a direct link from undergraduate to Chartered membership.


This initiative from the CIOB places special focus on young professionals and students to provide specialised support and mentoring to kick off the journey from student to Member. Tailor-made workshops, site visits and networking events are run on a regular basis specifically for Novus members.


Novus provides a network for students, post-graduates and young professionals developing their career in construction. It’s also an environment that encourages innovation and initiative. This includes being a part of creating a greener future and embracing Carbon Action 2050 as a core principle for the industry.


There are Novus groups located all over the world so find your nearest one through your local contact here and see how Novus can help you. 



Jamie Young