Fellowship (FCIOB)

Fellows of the CIOB are amongst the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the construction industry, recognised globally for their skill and achievements. 

The initials, FCIOB, after each member’s title, are also some of the most highly regarded and sought after. 

Entry to this prestigious group of members is focused on meeting a unique set of leadership competencies and behaviours that reflect the highest level of professional competence. 

Benchmarked at Master’s Degree level, FCIOB applications are open to senior professionals with 5+ years of leading an organisation, leading people and contributing to the industry, communities or society. 

Gaining FCIOB status can bring considerable rewards including: 

Employer Achievement Recognition

FCIOB membership shows employers that you are committed to your industry and becoming one of the most experienced and knowledgeable senior members in construction. Companies throughout the public and private sectors have acknowledged the worth of Fellowship status in delivering superior expertise, higher levels of professional integrity and advanced leadership capabilities. 


By inspiring confidence with employers and clients, the FCIOB membership opens doors to career progression, to promotion, a higher salary and an increased range of job opportunities. It is your reward for your hard work and commitment. 

Validate your skills and your leadership

FCIOB membership is only awarded to those who possess leadership competencies and behaviours that reflect the highest level of professional competence. You’ll be able to show to the construction industry that you proved your worth by successfully joining this select group. 

Shape your industry for the future

How would you like to be instrumental in shaping your industry, locally, nationally or even worldwide? Many FCIOB members are already actively involved in the plans and operations of the industry. You can even share your expert knowledge in a Special Interest Group. 

Improve your profile in the industry

The designation FCIOB indicates the highest level of membership at the CIOB, the world's largest and most influential professional body for construction management and leadership. Your FCIOB membership provides instant recognition of your achievements and commitment. 

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