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12th September 2019

The Art of Building 10 Year Collection

They say if you know someone who has a story to tell, lend them a camera.  Which is why the Chartered Institute of Building runs the Art of Building competition. Through it, a host of photographers from around the world have revealed what buildings means to them, and us. 

This year we are proud to produce a 10 Year Collection book. The selection explores the remarkable creativity and variation of the built world, its power to affect our lives and its importance in our cultures.  The range is spectacular, from cloud-touching technological edifices, to humble homes that have sheltered generations, to religious structures that offer a connection to the divine.   

Buildings help us heal, help us learn, inspire us and give us a sense of place and security.   The Art of Building has also witnessed the pain and disparity in our societies. Within the entries we have seen the plight of entire families forced to live amongst their dead due to overcrowding, and the forced labour of children in the manufacture of bricks.  So, while we celebrate the many wonders of the built environment, we must also invite difficult discussions to challenge us, the industry and society.

Photography doesn’t just capture a moment, it stops time.  The ability to do that has never been more accessible, thanks to the smartphone camera. 

What makes a great photograph isn’t the tech, however, but the eye behind the lens and the vision to see a different perspective. The talent of the thousands of photographers over the years has made this competition possible.  We celebrate their artistry, and also the skill and expertise of the builders and designers whose efforts shape and give meaning to our lives. 

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