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14th April 2020

CIOB Academy – How You Can Benefit From our Online Classrooms

I think we can all agree that being in lockdown or subject to restrictions on movement is making us all consider not just how we work, but also how we can continue to look after our professional development and growth. It is also making learning providers, such as the Academy, look at how they can support professionals during these difficult times, but also in the future as more and more people become comfortable with technology and more open to working and learning remotely.

For the Academy, this has meant looking at a large proportion of our portfolio, which was delivered at the hub in central London using the traditional face to face training method and examining whether to postpone classes or look at another solution.

From my perspective, postponing courses is something that would not serve to demonstrate the Academy is willing to be innovative and look at all solutions available. I believe that during this crisis, there should still be the opportunity to attend training and develop your skills.

As such, the Academy is pleased to announce the launch of its courses as virtual classrooms. I know a number of people out there may be sceptical of the benefits of online classrooms and whether you can truly recreate the classroom online. However, I am positive online classrooms are an effective, fun, interactive and practical way to absorb content and develop new skills.

Using specialist software designed for online classroom delivery, each delegate will be given access to an online classroom. In the classroom, you will be able to speak with your trainer using a microphone, type and answer questions using a messaging facility, engage in quizzes and polls, and follow an interactive presentation given by the subject matter expert. We will also provide electronic handouts for you to keep. In essence, a classroom similar to a physical one, but you will have to make your own refreshments!

For more information on our virtual classrooms, please click on the link below or email the team at [email protected]