24th January 2020

The CIOB Benevolent Fund

Any one of us can find ourselves in difficult circumstances and not know where to turn. Whether at the start of your career, midway through professional life or perhaps retired, you may need some support to get you back on your feet. This is where the CIOB Benevolent Fund can help.

The Benevolent Fund is a service available to all CIOB members and their dependent family members. It has been up and running since 1992, and since then, has provided support and assistance to over 9,500 members. What’s more, it is financed almost entirely by the generosity of CIOB members.

The Fund is managed by the Fund Secretary, Frank MacDonald. Frank is a trained counsellor who can provide guidance on a range of matters including career development and employee rights. A group of Trustees act as custodians of the Fund and help Frank with assessing applications. Together, Frank and the Trustees are here to help when you need understanding, guidance and financial assistance.

Grants can be issued to support those who, for one reason or another, have fallen on hard times. This could be because you are temporarily unable to work, perhaps due to redundancy, illness or injury. Financial aid could help with general household costs, travel to work or supporting those with children living at home and in hardship.

The CIOB Benevolent Fund has launched a new service providing mental health and wellbeing support. Mental health is one of the industry’s biggest concerns. Between 2011 and 2015, more than 1,400 construction workers committed suicide. Just a couple of years ago, the Office for National Statistics found that the risk of suicide for low-skilled male construction workers was 3.7 times above the national average. More than a quarter of construction employees have considered taking their own life.

The Fund is working in collaboration with Anxiety UK providing individuals with flexible, emotional wellbeing assessment & therapeutic support.

If you need help or support for yourself or your family, you can obtain detailed information and gain access to this support service here:


The CIOB Benevolent Fund service is available to all members, past and present. All enquiries received from our members are treated in total confidence.