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14th September 2020

Environmental Chartership with CIOB – Highlighting your Environmental Credentials

We all know that building projects have environmental impacts in some way – some much more than others, but there are a multitude of ways to reduce these impacts, resulting in the protection and enhancement of the environment.


• Does your daily role include sustainability aims?

• Do you work to mitigate ecological risks?

• Do you source materials proven to benefit the environment?

• Are the projects you create designed to have the lowest possible footprint?

• Is environmental reporting such as BREEAM on your CV?


These are just a selection of questions to ask yourself when contemplating an application for the Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) professional registration via your CIOB membership. Remember, you don’t need to be a full time Ecologist or Environment Manager to be a CEnv registrant!

CEnv registration with CIOB provides international recognition of your environmental expertise in the construction industry. As the world continues to progress the green agenda, CEnv could keep you one step ahead. But don’t take my word for it, CEnv and CIOB Fellow, Paul Vega, says:

“The importance of sustainable development is at the forefront of many construction projects and clients, contractors and consultants are more and more reliant on qualified individuals who can advise on sustainable construction methods, solutions and initiatives. I would encourage other CIOB members to become Chartered Environmentalists to demonstrate their professionalism and dedication in this field.”

Paul, who is a Partner at Gotch Saunders and Surridge LLP, shared this insight as part of #iamCEnv – an initiative showcasing the diversity of key work across the global CEnv community. Paul was also recently profiled by SocEnv, giving further insight into his career journey and the role played by professional registration: Videos have been a key feature of #iamCEnv, including posts from Acting Chief Sustainability Officer at Auckland Council, Alec Tang CEnv and Construction Manager, Lola Okunrinboye CEnv. For more inspiration, search for #iamCEnv on LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

Alternatively, check out the interviews with David Symons CEnv and Chris Landsburgh CEnv – two winners at the 2020 SocEnv Awards, both working in the built environment.

The CIOB membership team are ready to help you on your CEnv journey. To begin, visit the CEnv section of the CIOB website. You won’t regret it!

The last word goes to Mark Beard FCIOB CEnv:

“As President of CIOB and long-standing Chartered Environmentalist; I am delighted to see these two great organisations working ever closer together, highlighting the environmental challenges within the built environment and providing leadership on a variety of environmental issues. Becoming a Chartered Environmentalist will both support your understanding of environmental issues and demonstrate you care about the environment. At this pivotal time for our industry and our planet, there has never been a better time to become a Chartered Environmentalist and make your mark in shaping our industry and our planet’s future.”