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Construction is a career like no other. With over 170 different roles in the industry, there’s something for everyone. For National Careers Week 2020, it's time to look at Go Construct - a website which offers those already warm to a career in construction, the information they need to better understand different job roles, and the paths into the industry.

The site aims to:

Inspire – people to consider a career in construction

Behind every successful construction worker is someone who inspired them. Go Construct’s Careers A – Z page allows you to search all the roles that construction has to offer. The job role pages have live vacancies, so all the information you could want for a role can be found there. From the job description and the average salary to the career path, the pages give a real taste of what it could be like.

Go Construct’s Personality quiz is suited for under 16s, and shows which personality types are suited to different roles in construction. The Careers Explorer is for over 16 year olds, who can find their ideal role based on interests skills and qualifications. Both quizzes take you through to the job role page to find out more.

The interactive careers map take you inside a construction site, immersing you in four different construction areas - house building, commercial, infrastructure and off-site. With information on each of the job roles on the site.

Discover – what a career in construction is really like

The construction industry is evolving and many common perceptions about working in the sector don’t apply today.

The Go Construct myth buster page covers the common misconceptions, and addresses them with the facts. For example ‘Construction is an old-fashioned and traditional industry’ is busted with ‘Modern construction develops and uses some of the latest technology including Building Information Modelling (BIM), Computer Aided Design (CAD) and even nanotechnology’. Anyone can access and download the free Mythbuster pack here.  There are 15 career and educational activities free to download on the site, take a look.

Experience – the industry

Whether it's on a construction site or in an office, there's no better way to learn about a career in construction than to experience it for yourself. The work experience page gives top tips on finding work experience opportunities, and also lists the endless benefits of having work experience in the built environment sector.

Visiting a site can be a great way to see construction careers in action. A site visit can help decide roles which spark an interest, and if construction is right for you. Open Doors week gives people the opportunity to visit a construction site, find out more about it here. Top tips for arranging a site visit helps people see what they need to include in their email to the company requesting a visit.

The events page has all of the upcoming events near you, so you can find out what’s nearby to check out.