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As a Trustee, you are in a prestigious position and it’s not a responsibility to take lightly. I certainly didn’t when I had the privilege to take on the title as you quickly realise the integral role you play in the future of the organisation.

I have been a member of the CIOB for many years, joining through the Technician grade, having started my working life as an apprentice joiner and then a trainee Surveyor. Being part of the CIOB has provided me with the opportunity, through hard work, to be able to progress through the various membership levels, achieving the grade of Fellow in my thirties.

Throughout this time, I have been a passionate advocate of vocational training to sit alongside graduate training and to create opportunities for enthusiastic people to be able to climb the ladder through various routes. The CIOB encourages entry at a number of levels and this creates opportunity for all and, in turn, strengthens the knowledge base of those working within the industry.

Alongside the benefit of young and new membership, I recognise the significant knowledge lying within senior members and believe this is a valuable source that should be harnessed and respected within the CIOB. Taking on the position of Trustee is an excellent way to do just that.

Being on the Board of Trustees for the CIOB means that you are one of 16 Members or Fellows legally responsible for the organisation. The Royal Charter sets out our objectives and the Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring that these are delivered via the Corporate Plan. You set policy, oversee budgets and finances, and ensure that activities are carried out in accordance with the legal requirements of a charity. By being a CIOB member, you already have an appreciation of the importance of the organisation in shaping the construction industry, raising standards and influencing key decisions.

Being a Trustee means you take the reins of how the CIOB operates to achieve the Institute’s aims and is just one of the roles I’ve held at the CIOB during my career. For me, being a Trustee opened up new opportunities and experiences within our construction sector. I have also been Chair of the Nominations Committee, which interviews and shortlists Trustees, as well as Chair of the Business Development Board and a member of the Resources and Audit/Risk committees. This year now sees me take on a new title of CIOB Vice President and, as part of that, I look forward to working closely with our current and future Trustees to ensure the CIOB continues to be the leading voice of our industry.

Following a rigorous application process, four members have been successful and have gone forward to the ballot so now it’s down to our Members and Fellows to choose who takes on the roles. We have three trustees stepping down as they’ve completed their tenure, so it is now for the membership to elect two, and one will be selected by the Board based on a review of the skills of the existing and newly elected board members.

A Trustee is not just an important role but it’s also a voluntary one. All candidates are standing up to say that they are committed to giving their time, skills and passions to shaping the CIOB and what it stands for. They should be commended for it, and they will be rewarded for it as it’s also a fantastic opportunity for personal development and networking with new peers and leaders in the sector. But they also have a responsibility to stand for you in membership, making decisions and taking action on your behalf which is why it’s vital for you to have your say in deciding who steps up to the position to ensure your voice is heard.

Please use your vote – this is your opportunity to have your say. If you are MCIOB or FCIOB, you can cast your vote with your membership number here by Monday 15th April.

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