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25th April 2018

Maintaining the integrity of the CIOB Diploma

We know how hard it is to acquire a CIOB Diploma in Construction Site Management. We’ve seen first-hand, over the past 30 years, the hard work and effort each individual puts in to achieve this qualification. During the two years of study, students are given the knowledge and skills to manage complex projects effectively. We award over 300 students a year and we see the sense of achievement they have when they can list it on their CV to potential employers, enabling them to progress into senior management roles in construction.

It’s because of this that we become frustrated when we find fake certificates circulating, undermining the dedication, time and hard work our students have invested. We’ve recently been made aware of organisations, operating as diploma mills, offering fake certificates and listing a CIOB Diploma as part of their offering. We take this very seriously. We have taken legal action to stop this activity, as well as informing the qualifications regulator, Ofqual, and the police through Action Fraud.

In the meantime, we want to reassure our students and potential employers of the integrity of the awards that we provide. If you’re presented with a CIOB certificate and wish to check if it is valid, please email the CIOB Education Department ([email protected]) with a scanned copy of the certificate presented and we can verify it for you. This is a free service offered to employers to give you the assurance that any prospective employee is safe and competent to perform the role available. If you see examples of fake certificates or organisations offering this diploma, please inform us or the police through Action Fraud.

If you’re interested in obtaining the qualification, we are delighted to partner with a number of organisations to provide this course. Visit our website to find a list of CIOB approved centres.

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