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Training Partnerships are the easiest and most effective way of implementing a company-wide training strategy and achieving a fully Chartered workforce. By working together, the Training Partnership scheme can open many doors for any built environment organisation.

A Training Partnership with the CIOB involves forming a joint venture between us and your organisation. We work to create an entirely bespoke learning, training and development plan for your staff and guide each employee towards Chartered Membership.

Typically, the Partnership begins with an introductory meeting to talk over the requirements you have and how the scheme can assist your company and employees. Once an agreement is drafted and signed, all participating employees are given a training assessment form to complete. This form requires details from each individual about their experience and qualifications. All this information is assessed, and every person is provided with specific career advice and guidance on the most suitable route to CIOB Chartered Membership for them.

The information provided is also used by us to create a tailored strategic training and development plan for each member of staff. Once these plans have been finalised, training can begin. We don’t fund training, but we are around to advise and help you source training either in-house or through external providers.

The scheme is a complimentary service which lasts for as long as there is a need for us to actively support you and your staff’s professional development. So, once training has finished, we are happy to support you further if you require any additional guidance. You don’t have to be a Chartered Building Company or Consultancy to sign up to the scheme, so this opportunity is open to any built environment organisation looking to work towards a Chartered workforce.

Undertaking a Training Partnership with the CIOB has other added benefits for your business. Using a report which we produce for you, you can easily keep track of the educational and training status of your employees and get a good idea of the budget required for training over the next few years. Using the scheme also eases the process for your employees who wish to become Chartered, as much support and advice is provided throughout the process to ensure individuals are following the best route for them.

If all of this sounds like something you’d be interested in, let us know! Fill in the application form and we’ll be in touch.

For any questions you may have, the customer service team are on hand to help. Get in touch. 

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