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18th February 2019
Estimating is the earliest stage of involvement a contractor has on a construction project. Despite often being the shortest phase, it sets the whole scene for the rest of the project. If you get it wrong, you live with the consequences for the rest of the project, making it vital to get right...
11th February 2019
It is estimated that poor quality is costing the construction industry annually more than the combined profits of the companies in the industry. Research by Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) suggested that quality management could save the industry between £7bn and £12bn.
4th February 2019
What I’m looking for as a judge is to be inspired. Nobody wins CMYA by being ordinary.
28th January 2019
As we are on the brink of announcing our 2018 Art of Building Photographer of the Year, it is a good time to look back over the years to see how things have changed.
21st January 2019
The Quality Tracker is a welcome and timely contribution to possibly the most pressing issue of our day: quality. While our profession is often spectacularly successful – and we have the world-wide reputation to prove it – there are also still far too many instances where, for complex reasons,...
7th January 2019
At Baxall, the majority of our technical directors are members of the CIOB, and have been for some time. We understand the value of being part of this professional body and how it can support us in our careers, so we were encouraged when we began noticing a trend amidst our employees’ aspirations...
3rd January 2019
Many people seem to think that innovation in construction is something that happens as a matter of course. From Palaeolithic caves to living in Neolithic mud brick houses; from Greek lintels to Norman arches; and from massive stone walls to slender steel frames, improvements in design, content and...
21st December 2018
At Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure, we’ve recently opened our second Returnships programme for applications after our initial scheme, which was successfully launched in October 2017, saw over ninety applicants with a range of skills and experience apply to return to employment...
18th December 2018
There have been two sides to my career journey to date. I have always been open and flexible in considering various career opportunities; however I have also been focused on achieving defining milestones along the way. This is demonstrated by the fact that I started as a graduate design manager for...
13th December 2018
In June 2018, the UK government commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to carry out a full review of the composition of the shortage occupation list (SOL), to explore what skills are most in demand as the UK prepares to exit the European Union.