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10th December 2019
At our Members Forum in Edinburgh a number of delegates asked us to review our presence in social media to improve engagement and empower more members to get involved. So, following the Forum we enlisted the help of a brand strategy and communications agency to undertake a full, impartial analysis...
9th December 2019
Is it me or is the impact and management of change a topic on everyone's lips, regardless of industry, size of organisation or geographical location. Maybe driven by the conversations I am often asked to be part of but ‘Change Management’ seems to both be simultaneously in favour as the next...
4th December 2019
The next general election is now just a week or so away. As the UK readies itself for its third general election since 2015, each of the main UK political parties are now in full campaign mode and have released their manifestos. We take a look at what they say about the built environment.
26th November 2019
The CIOB’s activities in Wales have been quietly gathering momentum this year, with lots of support for industry initiatives and many policy and public affairs successes. This is an overview of what the Welsh team has achieved this year.
20th November 2019
As a school boy, I knew that I wanted to be in the construction industry. I knew that I wanted to be working on major projects – place my mark and legacy on the international construction scene. How to get there was the question.
5th November 2019
In 2018, the Office for National Statistics reported that rates of suicide amongst construction workers was 3.7 times above the national average.
4th November 2019
It’s official – there will be a general election in December 2019. Support for the construction industry and those who work to shape our built environment is unarguably a key topic.
4th November 2019
Training Partnerships are the easiest and most effective way of implementing a company-wide training strategy and achieving a fully Chartered workforce. By working together, the Training Partnership scheme can open many doors for any built environment organisation.
18th October 2019
On Monday [14 October] the Queen addressed parliament to outline the government’s policy priorities. This blog looks at some of the key issues faced by the construction sector covered in the speech.
10th October 2019
In 2018, a survey by Mind found that nearly half of those surveyed had experienced a mental health problem in their current job. The same research found that only half of those who had experienced poor mental health had spoken to their employer about it.