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10th December 2019
At our Members Forum in Edinburgh a number of delegates asked us to review our presence in social media to improve engagement and empower more members to get involved. So, following the Forum we enlisted the help of a brand strategy and communications agency to undertake a full, impartial analysis...
10th June 2019
Scotland’s construction industry has a pivotal national role to play, shaping the future of our diverse built environment improving place making and the lives of our citizens who use them. We are a major contributor to our national economy with a total gross value added (GVA) of 6.1% to the UK...
30th July 2016
Craft Your Future a lesson plan to attract Minecrafters into a career in construction
13th July 2016
Around the world we are seeing construction in a state of transition from analogue to digital. This is reshaping what we think of as traditional construction and rethinking how projects and programmes are delivered and operated.