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18th June 2018
One of the many challenges in my role is not to feel continually impressed by our members, working as they do in the most challenging of environments. And only the more cynical among you would find it hard not to be inspired by many of them, too. I consider myself lucky to be able to regularly meet...
5th June 2018
Planet Earth is our home that we share with 7.6 billion human beings and zillions of creatures great and small. Our planet is essentially one giant zoo that we’re all living inside of, and currently rather dominating.
16th May 2018
There has been a lot of talk about the disappearance of “jobs for life” but, for most of us, I think that notion died some while ago. Despite an overall theme in the last 20 years, my role at the CIOB marks the sixth different career I have had. I’ve progressed from a research chemist into...
25th April 2018
We know how hard it is to acquire a CIOB Diploma in Construction Site Management. We’ve seen first-hand, over the past 30 years, the hard work and effort each individual puts in to achieve this qualification. During the two years of study, students are given the knowledge and skills to manage...
4th April 2017
Making the leap from middle to senior management needn’t be daunting – if you’ve already honed your skills for the boardroom
23rd January 2017
As we go about our professional work, we are wise to keep an eye on broader issues facing society. One such issue is that of ‘Social Mobility’, which is helpfully explored in the recent CIOB report, Social Mobility and Construction: Building routes to opportunity.
12th December 2016
As members know, CIOB has been setting educational standards and working with professional training providers for years. So you might be wondering why we’ve suddenly decided to do our own thing?
14th September 2016
Are you an aspiring Director? Do you feel that you have sufficient senior experience working in the Construction and Built Environment industry to enable you to make a difference on a Board as a Director or Non-Executive Director?