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12th October 2018
13 milliseconds. According to a team of neuroscientists from MIT that is how long it takes your brain to process an entire image. Perhaps that should be unsurprising, after all we have been hardwired to absorb visual information for much longer than text. But even so, we respond to imagery in a...
23rd November 2016
Kilian O’Sullivan is one of a select group of photographers chosen to document the evolution of Battersea Power Station. He tells Art of Building what it’s like getting inside the guts of one of London’s most prominent landmarks
4th November 2016
Nick Ng’s haunting images of Bangladeshi labourers working and sleeping on a Malaysian building site capture the everyday mundanity of modern day slavery
30th September 2016
For our second instalment on inspirational photographers, the Art of Building talks to Nick Ng of Malaysia, whose captivating pictures tell the stories of forgotten communities across Asia
23rd September 2016
As Art of Building gears up for another exciting year, we hear the stories of inspirational photographers working in the built environment today