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4th December 2019
The next general election is now just a week or so away. As the UK readies itself for its third general election since 2015, each of the main UK political parties are now in full campaign mode and have released their manifestos. We take a look at what they say about the built environment.
4th November 2019
It’s official – there will be a general election in December 2019. Support for the construction industry and those who work to shape our built environment is unarguably a key topic.
18th October 2019
On Monday [14 October] the Queen addressed parliament to outline the government’s policy priorities. This blog looks at some of the key issues faced by the construction sector covered in the speech.
7th October 2019
The CIOB Policy and Public Affairs team attended Labour’s Party conference in Brighton and the Conservative’s Party conference in Manchester to discuss key issues affecting construction and the wider built environment.
26th June 2019
Scotland has long been famed for its engineering and construction. From the Lighthouse Stevensons to James Craig, who planned the New Town of Edinburgh, right up to the Falkirk Wheel, the only fully rotating boat lift in the world, which was completed at the start of the 21st century.
3rd June 2019
The construction community coming together on an international scale is one opportunity to come from the largest infrastructure project the world has ever seen.
25th March 2019
The publication of Dame Judith Hackitt’s Independent review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety issued an important and resounding call for change across the entire construction industry. A number of challenges were identified about how we ensure our buildings keep people safe.
27th February 2019
Northerners, born and bred, by nature are invested and excited for any opportunities that arise to raise the profile of our regions.
3rd January 2019
Many people seem to think that innovation in construction is something that happens as a matter of course. From Palaeolithic caves to living in Neolithic mud brick houses; from Greek lintels to Norman arches; and from massive stone walls to slender steel frames, improvements in design, content and...
5th October 2018
This week James Brokenshire, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, has announced that a New Homes Ombudsman is to be created. He said this will ‘champion homebuyers, protect their interests and hold developers to account’. Importantly, the new homes ombudsman will be...