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7th January 2019
At Baxall, the majority of our technical directors are members of the CIOB, and have been for some time. We understand the value of being part of this professional body and how it can support us in our careers, so we were encouraged when we began noticing a trend amidst our employees’ aspirations...
18th December 2018
There have been two sides to my career journey to date. I have always been open and flexible in considering various career opportunities; however I have also been focused on achieving defining milestones along the way. This is demonstrated by the fact that I started as a graduate design manager for...
10th December 2018
I know I’m fortunate to work for an organisation that encourages and promotes pushing your professional development and supporting you to be the best you can be in this industry. After completing an architecture degree at Sheffield Hallam University and entering an architectural practice, it...
8th October 2018
Noreen is Executive Director for Hollywood Associates, a consultancy based in Dubai, and is currently on the CIOB Local Hub Committee for the Dubai region and was recently elected on to the CIOB’s Education, Qualification, Standards and Practice (ESQP) Board. Here she tells us what a difference it...
21st September 2018
With over 10 years' experience in the construction industry, Paul progressed from student member whilst at college to Chartered at the CIOB. He has carried out various roles throughout the years, including Chair of the CIOB Hub Committee in Glasgow, Scotland. Here, we asked him about why he...
10th August 2018
This year’s Members’ Forum was held in Toronto, Canada; the first time Members’ Forum has been held in the Americas. Members’ Forum is an annual event, bringing together leading construction professionals from across the globe with a number of activities to take part in, including site visits,...
12th July 2018
I am really proud to become President of the CIOB 2018/19 and to follow on from Rebecca. The torch gets passed from one President to another each year. That keeps us consistent and supports the momentum we need on these big issues.
25th June 2018
The role of President of the CIOB goes back to 1838 when the organisation began promoting the science and practice of excellence in building. To be a part of this history is a huge honour and comes with legal and governance responsibilities. The CIOB is highly respected internationally and, to...
26th February 2018
I discovered the Construction Manager of the Year Awards (CMYA) back when I was a student and decided then that one day I would apply, and one day I would win. Throughout my career the award has been at the back of mind but I wanted to wait to find that moment where I felt worthy of it.
6th March 2017
This happens to be National Apprenticeship Week (6-10 March 2017), but apprenticeships are front and centre in people’s attentions for plenty of other reasons as well.