Carbon Action 2050

One of the ways we can be most effective for the public good is in the role the construction industry plays in the struggle against climate change.

It takes one third of the world’s resources to build our homes, offices and factories, and the energy to run them is responsible for 40% of its greenhouse gases. The industry can reduce both of these figures if its members follow best practice when they design and construct projects, and its clients and facilities managers operate the finished building more efficiently.

We have members in more than 100 countries, many of whom have a role in policy-making, so we have the global reach that is required to tackle a global problem. We also have an initiative under way that provides practical ways to do so: Carbon Action 2050.

The aim of Carbon Action 2050 is to provide the industry with guidance to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions to 80% of its 1990 level by the year 2050. Much of the information can be applied globally, despite it being based on UK policy. Its strategy is to find practical ways of saving energy and carbon that can be implemented straight away, and then spread the word among project teams, in particular project managers, clients, architects, building control personnel and environmental specialists, who can act as green champions.

To support their efforts, we have published a range of papers on our Carbon Action 2050 website which covers the best ways to design, build, run and refurbish a building, as well as how to take the lead on carbon reduction, backed up with a series of case studies and a comprehensive table that explains who is responsible for doing what.

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