Chartered Membership

The aim of most who join the CIOB is to become a Chartered Member. Full Membership brings with it many benefits, not least the descriptor Chartered Construction Manager or Chartered Builder, and the right to vote or become a trustee.

Benefits of Chartered Membership

In addition to the many benefits that all CIOB members enjoy, such as our CPD Portal, magazines and extensive reference library, Chartered Members enjoy these extra benefits:

  • MCIOB and descriptor
    You’ll be able to use the MCIOB post-nominals as well as choose between Chartered Construction Manager and Chartered Builder to use on your business card or website.
  • Have your say in the running of the CIOB
    Only Chartered members can stand for election as a trustee, get involved in a committee and have voting rights.
  • Membership Affiliation Partnerships
    A number of products and services are available to our Membership Affiliation Partners. Please click here for more details.


How do I become Chartered?

There are many routes to becoming Chartered with CIOB. Whether you’re a graduate, have technical or vocational qualifications or have simply built up years of experience, you can choose the path that best suits you. Find your route here.


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