Former grades - Associate and Incorporated

The Associate (ACIOB) and Incorporated (ICIOB) grades closed to new members on 1 July 2015. 

This revision was made following consultation with members and the wider industry: our recent grade review identified a lack of clarity across the built environment sector about what ACIOB and ICIOB actually represented.

These grades were intended to be stepping stones towards Chartered status. Our data suggests that many ACIOB and ICIOB members are well qualified to progress to Chartered membership.

What does this mean for me as an ACIOB or ICIOB member?

For current ACIOB and ICIOB members, your status will remain unchanged until June 2025. At this point, we expect that you would have upgraded to Chartered status.

You will still retain all membership benefits you have been entitled to. Click here to read more about these benefits.

How do I become Chartered?

There are many routes to becoming Chartered with CIOB. Whether you’re a graduate, have technical or vocational qualifications or have simply built up years of experience, you can choose the path that best suits you.  Find your route here.

My employee holds ACIOB or ICIOB. What does this mean?

Associate membership (ACIOB) was often awarded to those in a management position for a couple of years with an academic qualification comparable to a HNC or other Level 4 qualification.

The Incorporated (ICIOB) grade was one step above Associate, and was intended for fairly experienced managers with the equivalent of a foundation degree, HND or Level 5 qualification.

For more advice about the Grade Change click here