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International Construction Management Day 2015

Winner announced! 

Congratulations to Pedro_Explorer who has been voted the winner of our House of the Future Competition. Pedro_Explorer's won with over 50% of the final vote. The final standings were as follows-

  • Pedro_Explorer
  • Caroot
  • ThePhoenix444
  • proto_pip

Pedro_Explorer's build included a geothermal pump, a gray water tank, a green map and vermicompost to allow for sustainable removal of waste products.

 If you are Pedro_Explorer do get in touch using the form on the side so we can arrange delivery of your 3D printed model of your build. 

You can see videos of all their builds on the right hand side of the page or watch them all here.


The home of your future

As part of our International Construction Management Day celebrations we are throwing open a challenge to the public and industry to show us their vision for tomorrow’s housing. If you have ever wanted to build your own home then take part in our Minecraft competition and show us what you can.

On offer is a 3D print of the winning entry, which will be selected by CIOB judges and voted upon by the public. Before you get started read our criteria below so you have the best chance of doing well.

What we are looking for:

  •  Original design
  •  Consideration for the environment 
  •  A model that can be made in the real world


Specific criteria:

  •  A single three bedroom house
  •  Design that can cope with varying weather conditions
  •  Use of signs to highlight areas of specific interest


What you will need:

  •  Minecraft version 1.9.2 (that’s it!)


How to take part:-

  •  Join our multiplayer server at
  •  Type /plot auto to claim your plot (you can also type /plot sethome to make sure you don’t get lost. 
  •  Get building! 


Don’t forget that the interior of your house is just as important as the exterior. But remember a house’s quality should be reflected in its surroundings to. So landscaping is also important. The competition closes on 26 April and on 2 May 2016 we will announce the finalists who will go through to the public vote. The competition is open to all ages. We'd added a Minecraft tutorial to this page to give you some inspiration, no copying though!