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CIOB Board of Trustee's Election Results 2015


17th April 2015

All votes have now been verified and counted.

3,145 voters took part in the election, with 5 spoilt papers confirmed. (16.3% of the electorate)

Each voter was able to cast a maximum of 3 votes and the results are as follows:

Candidate No of Votes
Gavin Maxwell-Hart FCIOB 1,342
Nigel Croxford FCIOB   1,323
Christine Gausden FCIOB 1,323
Stephen Lines FCIOB  1,128
Richard Sapcote FCIOB  872
Tim Barrett FCIOB 833
Ivan McCarthy FCIOB 751
Peter Ramsay-Dawber FCIOB 638
John Dalton FCIOB  596

In accordance with the Bye-Laws, the 3 candidates with the highest votes are deemed elected from the close of the AGM.

Gavin Maxwell-Hart, Nigel Croxford and Christine Gausden have accepted the positions and will be duly elected to the Board of Trustees’ for tenure of 3 years, commencing at the close of the AGM.

The AGM will take place on Tuesday 21 July 2015 at 0900hrs at the Cambridge City Hotel, Cambridge, UK.



Samantha Teague
+44 (0) 1344 630 732

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