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New partnership between CIOB and CIF to support construction community in Ireland


23rd January 2020

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) is at the heart of a management and leadership career in the built environment, and 2020 marks the year that the CIOB ramps up its activity in Ireland. To kick things off, the CIOB has announced its membership of and partnership with the Construction Industry Federation (CIF).

Having had an enthusiastic membership base in Ireland since the 1960s, currently at 2,500 members and counting, the CIOB is now developing their team on the ground to increase the reach and impact of their work in supporting members and the wider construction community. This will allow the CIOB to be a more influential voice when it comes to policy issues impacting the built environment, as well as providing a learning resource for those in the industry.

The CIOB is the world's largest and most influential professional body for construction management and leadership, with a Royal Charter to promote the science and practice of building for the benefit of society.

Membership is, of course, incredibly important, with members who work with the CIOB to be the standard setters, innovators and leaders in delivering excellence in construction. The breadth of their membership is greater than any other professional body in the sector. 

The CIOB is also about the big issues. Today those issues centre upon quality in construction, resetting ethics and the moral compass for the sector, eradicating modern slavery from the industry, and embracing new technology and techniques that can improve the built environment and enhance people’s lives. 

Ireland is in a new era of economic growth, with a huge amount of construction taking place across the island. CIOB’s policy and education work will play a key role in ensuring that lessons from the past are learned, and that this new era is marked by a high-quality built environment.

The CIOB also works to encourage new and diverse talent into the sector, promoting inclusivity and rewarding the excellence that already exists.

Sharing knowledge with others is also important. The CIOB Academy delivers courses and training in all different shapes and sizes, online and in person, for those interested in developing their skills. The CIOB produces best practice guides and codes and widely-read sector magazines that inspire and set new standards in equal measure.

Developing its voice in Ireland is an important part of the CIOB’s focus on improved regional engagement, ensuring it is better placed to work with members and policy makers. This new partnership with the CIF is crucial to ensure alignment on key issues such as access to skills and training, procurement and contractual matters and quality in construction.

Caroline Gumble, CEO of the CIOB, said of the new partnership: “I knowthat we have many knowledgeable and committed members in Ireland and they are contributing their professionalism and expertise to the industry, with involvement in many significant projects and efforts to drive the sector forward. I’m delighted that our new partnership with CIF will give us the opportunity to reach more of the industry and support more of the work being done to deliver quality in construction, improve diversity and inclusion and engage in more powerful policy and campaigning work.”

Shane Dempsey, Communications Director, Construction Industry Federation (CIF), said: “The CIF is delighted to partner with the CIOB and looks forward to working closely with their many members both here and abroad. This partnership allows us to ally and collaborate closely in pushing the quality, sustainability and professional development agendas in construction that both organisations strongly pursue.”




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