“Professionals in the global construction sector consistently have a positive impact on the lives of people who they never meet,” said Chris Chiver

Published: 23rd July 2015

Today, the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has launched a report which shines a light on the prevalence of human rights abuses in constructi

Published: 21st July 2015

On Friday 17 July, the CIOB welcomed local MP, Dr Phillip Lee, to its Bracknell headquarters to discuss the work of th

Published: 20th July 2015

As the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) announces a

Published: 16th July 2015

There are plenty of stars throughout construction's firmament but the Chartered Institute of Building wants to reveal and reward more through its

Published: 15th July 2015

This week the Chartered Institute of Building has joined over 30 professional bodies from across the globe to create the International Construction

Published: 14th July 2015

Last week, the Government confirmed within the Fixing the foundations productivity report its intention not to proceed with the zero carbon buildin

Published: 13th July 2015

Team Saltire from Glasgow Caledonian University have won the second annual Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) Global Student Challenge competit

Published: 13th July 2015

As the Chancellor George Osborne announces his first budget under a majority Conservative government, the Chartered Institute of Building provides

Published: 8th July 2015