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Meet the President Chris Soffe

Chris Soffe is the 115th CIOB President and the first to be based in the US.

In his inaugural speech, at the CIOB’s 2018 Members’ Forum, Chris focused on climate change and collaboration. He emphasised that the challenges of climate change must be met by institutions, including the CIOB, and the industry as a whole working together, internationally where possible.

CIOB support for New Homes Ombudsman as a significant step towards improved standards

Tue, 2018-06-26 00:01 -- admin

“The CIOB welcomes the publication of these proposals. Our support for the idea of an ombudsman and our suggestions for how it could work are largely reflected in the APPG’s proposals. It’s also a reflection of our values in putting the public at the heart of our service and supporting others within the industry to do so." 


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