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Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice (non-members)

The CIOB process personal information in order to facilitate a request that has been made by the person. This may be from your attendance at a previous CIOB event or course, through previous enquiries in relation to membership or generally, or any other introduction to the Institute where personal details have been collected. Your personal details have been included in the CIOB database and you have been receiving information from CIOB.

CIOB Board of Trustees' Election Results 2018

Fri, 2018-04-20 08:35 -- admin

All votes have now been verified and counted. 4,038 voters took part in the election, with 20 spoilt papers confirmed. (19.7% of the electorate). In accordance with the Bye-Laws, the three candidates with the highest votes are deemed elected from the close of the AGM. Christine Gausden, James Tucker and Ian Brant have accepted the positions and will be duly elected to the Board of Trustees’ for tenure of 3 years, commencing at the close of the AGM.


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