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Local Hub Committee Recruitment

You belong to the largest construction management community anywhere in the world; formed, shaped and led by members since we began back in 1834.  

Your CIOB has been evolving - as part of One CIOB, in 2017 we started to roll out new Local and Regional Hubs to support our members’ local needs.

For the first time, where we had more applications than places, our local committees were elected. When we asked members how we could support them better at a local level, 84% said they would like to elect their local committees.

In January 2017, we launched 29 UK & Ireland Local Hubs. You can see the full list of committee members here. Our International Hubs will launch later in 2017. You can see a list of our international committee members here.

Local Hubs and what they’re for

Local Hubs will be the administrative points that deliver CIOB local events, CPD and networking, offer advice and support to members in their careers and help us engage with employers, local government and the education sector at a local level. Each Local Hub will have CIOB staff and 6 elected committee members to deliver their plans.

Could it be you?

Each year we will be recruiting for vacancies across all our Local Hub Committees. We'll be launching another round of recruitment for Local Hub committees later in 2017. Could it be you?

  • Are you a Chartered member?
  • Do you care about helping other members in your area? 
  • Do you have a strong sense for the issues and topics that members need to know about? 
  • Could you offer advice and help members on their way to becoming Chartered? 
  • Could you represent CIOB and engage with employers, local government and the education sector? 


Representing our profession in your local area is both a responsibility and a rewarding opportunity. It will help you develop your local networks, build your strategic and leadership skills and most importantly, expand your knowledge and expertise by giving something back to your fellow construction professionals. 

What we need from a Local Hub Committee member

Committees will meet four times per year, and you may not need to travel as meetings can take place by conference call or Skype. In between meetings, we need you to help develop 12 month plans that support our corporate vision at a local level, come up with ideas for events, venues and sponsors and offer your advice and knowledge of construction issues in your area.

To find out more, please view our short webinar which provides further information on the improvements One CIOB is bringing, and how you can become involved.

Ready to apply?

Find out more about how you can apply to your Local Hub committee here.

Quick Links

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Local Hub committee recruitment information

Apply to join your Local Hub committee

Europe Region Local Hub committee election results

International Hub committee election results


Hub governance

How will Hubs be run?

Local Hubs will have an elected committee of 6 Chartered members, reporting to the Regional Hub. Find out more in our new Hub Regulations.

When and how will elections take place?

Find out more about Local Hub elections here.

Does the new structure reflect our diverse membership?

The elections of members to committees will make better representation possible. A new Ethics and Diversity Special Interest Group will also be set up over the coming months. 

Local Hub elections

Will there be any training for committee members?

Yes – once all committees have been elected, and they have selected their Chairs, there will be induction training arranged. 

I’m an existing committee member; can I apply for the new elected roles?

The new Local Hubs introduce elected committee roles for the first time. We think these new roles are a great opportunity for members to play an active role in their local areas. There will be guidance and support from staff, and new opportunities to engage externally with employers, local government and the education sector. We encourage existing active committee members to apply for these new roles, as their knowledge and experience will be a valuable asset to the new Local Hubs.

Who can vote in the elections?

Chartered members can vote in Local Hub elections.  

Regional Hubs – how are they connected to Local Hubs?

There will be 7 Regional Hubs, made up of the Chairs of Local Hubs, their primary role will be to ensure Local Hubs deliver the CIOB strategy. A member of Board of Trustees will attend, advise and act as a champion for the Regional Hubs as required. The new Hub Regulations will provide full details of these roles and responsibilities.

What if there aren’t enough candidates for election?

If more than 6 Chartered members apply and pass the assessment process for a Local Hub election, then up to two candidates per vacant position will be put on the ballot. If less than 6 apply, and pass the assessment, the nominations committee will form the local hub committee without an election.

What if there aren’t enough votes?

Elections will be valid if 10% of the local Hub electorate or 30 chartered members, vote -  whichever is highest. If an election is declared nul and void, there will be no committee. Instead, the local Hub will be administered by staff, and overseen by the Regional Hub.