CIOB Policy

Our membership is without doubt the broadest of any professional body concerned with the built environment. This expertise helps us to form and evolve policy from a unique perspective on a whole range of issues, from the conduct expected of construction managers, the health and safety of workers, and the environmental health of the planet. We also hold positions on a number of technical and educational topics, where our members are often the leading experts in their field. 


The institute reaches its policy positions in consultation. We frequently survey our member’s views, and we try to keep up a conversation on topics of interest to the industry through public forums. In addition, there are those industry figures who have joined groups that we have set up to take evidence and formulate our policy in particular areas. 


As construction keeps innovating, we will not be standing still; we continue to lead work on the industry’s future, which is demanding ever higher technical skills throughout the project team and supply chain.





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