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I have technical qualifications and/or management experience

Managers with industry experience or a technical qualification

If you’re a manager with at least five years’ experience and/or a technical qualification such as a BTEC, HND or HNC, the Chartered Membership Programme (CMP) could be your best route to MCIOB.

Advantages of the Chartered Membership Programme

  • One-year course
    The CMP covers all the knowledge and skills required to effectively run a project and prepare you for middle and senior management roles, such as commercial practice, health and safety and construction technology in one year.
  • Blend of distance and classroom learning
    Your study is also supported by our online tools. You'll complete an open-book assessment at the end of the programme, based on a real life project scenario.
  • Supported through Professional Review
    As you build up your skills throughout the year, your continuing professional development (CPD) is recorded in readiness for the Professional Review for MCIOB, which you'll be supported through by your course provider.
  • Flexible study options
    Our training providers offer a range of distance and classroom-based options so that you can best fit your study around your work. 


Site supervisors

If you’re a site supervisor we recommend that you take the CIOB Level 4 Certificate or Diploma in Site Management. These one- or two-year Ofqual-regulated courses will give you all the preparation and background you need to progress to the CMP before becoming Chartered.

Still unsure?

If you’re not sure which course is most suitable for you, contact us here.