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  1. Insight

    section are our views on leading issues within the industry, access to our special interest groups and ...

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  2. Sustainability & Environment

    The Sustainability & Environment Special Interest Group (SIG) will provide a forum for industry ... Contact Special Interests ...

    admin - 2018-05-11 14:40 - This site (CIOB)

  3. Ethics & Respect for People

    group works with the other Special Interest Groups to ensure their projects encourage and maintain ... Edward Provost-Lines MCIOB Lucy Donald Adela Prior   SIG Contact Special Interests ...

    admin - 2018-01-18 16:25 - This site (CIOB)

  4. Digital Technologies & Asset Management

    industry. This Digital Technologies & Asset Management Special Interest Group (SIG) will look at how ... Special Interests ...

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  5. Diversity

    all society. The Diversity Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to engage with employers and industry ... minutes/agendas Members: Chris Keast FCIOB (Chair) SIG Contact Special Interests ...

    admin - 2018-01-18 16:29 - This site (CIOB)

  6. Contract & Procurement

    Procurement Special Interest Group (SIG) is a forum for discussing contracts, procurement and conflict ... Contact Special Interests ...

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  7. Conservation

    qualifications focus on modern methods of construction. The Conservation Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to ... Webform   Special Interests ...

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  8. Providing a voice for heritage in construction

    the CIOB, then we would love for you to get involved. Contact John Diston, Special Interest Group ... traditional construction. This is the predominant reason for the creation of the CIOB’s Conservation Special ... Interest Group (SIG)  - to promote the skills, knowledge and innovation this aspect of the construction ...

    admin - 2018-03-29 07:52 - This site (CIOB)

  9. Other Policies

    conjunction with CIOB ambassadors and special interest groups. Policy Contact Form CIOB Policy ...

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  10. Hub governance

    to committees will make better representation possible. A new Ethics and Diversity Special Interest ...

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