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BIM4 Communities

Purpose of the BIM4 communities

The BIM4 communities are a collaboration of specialist interests groups who will champion BIM in their respective specialist areas. Their purpose is to raise awareness of BIM, promoting a shared understanding of the value proposition and issues affecting the implementation of BIM in their respective areas of interests.  

The BIM4 communities will seek to develop consistency of messaging in a clear and concise manner to support both new and existing professionals in their respective BIM journeys. 

What is BIM?

  • BIM is a digital representation of the functional aspects of an asset and, as appropriate, its disposal and/or recycling. 
  • BIM is a process for creating and measuring cooperation; it enables greater levels of collaboration and better working practices across the industry and through the supply chain.
  • BIM is an improved way of working; it reduces waste, mitigates risk and leads to tangible efficiency savings in both capital and operational expenditure.
  • BIM is a shared knowledge centre for information about an asset and helps develop processes that cover the whole lifecycle of a building or asset.


Values of the BIM4 communities

  • BIM4 communities will focus on the goal of promoting BIM adoption and providing support on an industry-wide basis with no single bias to any one platform, group or company.
  • BIM4 communities work will be mutually supportive and collaborative; they will share instances of best practice to benefit the greater good.
  • BIM4 communities will be the forum for all specialist interest groups aiming to coordinate BIM activities; they will do this by working together and pooling resources to provide an effective and practical conduit that is both knowledge-based and current.


Desired end result

Instilling the adoption of BIM across the communities is as much a cultural challenge as a technical one. The BIM4 communities have a vital role in facilitating culture change whilst ensuring that the industry is equipped with the skills required to take up the BIM challenge as it spreads into the digital revolution that will be a transformation for the industry.


The BIM4 Community Charter has received the following signatories:

Peter Hansford, Chief Government 
Construction Adviser, Dept for BIS

Mark Bew from BIM Task Group
David Philp from BIM Task Group

James Brown from BIM4Retail Ian Bush from Survey4BIM
Peter Caplehorn from BIM4Regs Andrew Carpenter from BIM4Housing
Tim Cole from Causeway David Frise from BIM4FitOut
Bill Healy from BIM Tech Alliance Liz Kavanagh from Behaviours4Collaboration
Anne Kemp from BIM4IUK Richard Ogden from BuildOffSite
Nelson Ogunshakin from ACE Tim Platts from BIM4SME
Geoff Prudence from BIM4FM Paul Shillcock from BIM4RailUK
Jon de Souza from BIM4Water Emily Spink from BIM4DataCentres
Jeff Stephens from UKCG Malcome Taylor from BIM4IUK
 Neil Thompson from BIM2050 Steve Thompson from BIM4MM2 CPA
Nick Tune from BRE Eddie Tuttle from CIOB
Dr Jason Underwood from BIM4Academia Graham Watts from CIC