Volunteering Opportunities

Giving even a few hours can have a life-changing effect on our community and develop your skills.

CIOB exists for public benefit. We are committed to inspiring, educating and influencing change in the industry and the wider society. But we couldn't do any of it without help. 

We sincerely appreciate those who volunteer time to share knowledge, build a supportive community and drive positive change in the industry. 

CIOB supports this in various ways, including volunteering directly with us and partnering with other not-for-profit organisations that can provide a safe, trustworthy, well-established platform. Get involved today and see your impact.

Support & Inspire


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Develop our Industry


I really enjoy volunteering for CIOB Assist, it feels good to be able to help others.

Paul, Trustee

Tell us how to improve our services

Sign up to test new products/services and provide feedback on our existing ones. We're not asking for much – just 30 minutes of your time for an online interview that can make a world of difference. Your perspective is the missing piece in our puzzle of improvement. Help us fine-tune, innovate, and level up our services.

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Fundraise & Network


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CIOB Assist Fundraising