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Chartered Construction Manager

Construction Managers: Stand up and be counted

CIOB corporate Members and Fellows have been proudly adding Chartered Builder to their business cards since the Institute gained its Royal Charter in 1980. But these days, only a small proportion of people in this complex sector actually build.

As a CIOB member you could be working with BIM or setting strategies for carbon reduction. You might be on site, but you could equally be sitting at head office, supervising teams and setting corporate strategy. And you could be working at any point within the life cycle of a structure, from inception to recycling.

If the designation Chartered Builder is not relevant to your day job, we have some great news. The Privy Council has granted the CIOB power to award the descriptor Chartered Construction Manager. The Chartered Construction Manager descriptor is available to Members (MCIOB) and Fellows (FCIOB) who pay a one off administration fee, which covers the production of a new certificate and enables them to start using the new descriptor on business cards.

This is the culmination of years of research and development by the Institute and the result of effective demonstration by CIOB members who have shown that construction management is truly a substantive and established profession. This descriptor signals the influence that professional construction managers have within, and beyond, the built environment.

So if you are MCIOB or FCIOB you can use Chartered Construction Manager or Chartered Builder, however not together, for the life of your corporate membership.  These descriptors are to be used in full and not abbreviated (i.e. Chartered Construction Manager not CCM).

For example you could use your new descriptor on your business cards as shown below:-


Your Name FCIOB   Your Name MCIOB
Your Job Title   Your Job Title
Chartered Construction Manager   Chartered Construction Manager

We believe this will be beneficial to you in communicating your professional status to clients and colleagues. And of course you may retain the Chartered Builder descriptor if that is your preference. In that case you have nothing to do.

If you are an MCIOB or FCIOB and would like to use the Chartered Construction Manager descriptor please login to the members area where you can register and pay online to enable you to start using this new descriptor.

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