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Bringing you a more accessible member experience

For over 180 years, CIOB has been supporting members in their construction careers. And like any successful profession, we need to keep evolving to meet our members’ changing needs. 

Over the last 2 years, we’ve been asking members how we can support them better at a local level and what kinds of changes they’d like to see. 

We want all our members to be able to access the same high quality events and CPD, wherever they are, and whatever their career stage. We also want to continue to grow and make sure we represent members’ views.

Local CIOB Changes

We are introducing new services and support, under the banner One CIOB. We will be making events more accessible, introducing new CPD and online content and improving how we communicate with you. 

We’ve started rolling out a new Local Hub structure to help us deliver these changes.

Local Hubs aim to better serve your needs by making the CIOB:

  • More accessible
    Attend events wherever you want to, join in online, plan and book ahead, access resources online
  • More consistent and relevant
    “Core” events and CPD will be delivered across our Hubs as well as industry-specific and local content
  • More representative
    Opportunities to apply for committee roles, elect your local committees, with better lines of communication across all our governance
  • More externally focused
    Committee members and staff will engage with major employers, local government and education in their areas


You can find out more about the One CIOB project in this short film

Local Hub committee recruitment

The first change we've made as part of One CIOB is the roll-out of new Local and Regional Hubs to support our members' local needs.

The recruitment process for the Local Hubs in the Europe region is now complete. You can access the full results here. 

Our International Hubs have now completed their call for applications and Dubai will hold an election in May. You can see a list of our international committee members here. This will be updated after elections have been completed.  You can find out more about committee roles and how to apply here.

Member Feedback

We ran a series of roadshows at 17 locations across the UK and Ireland during 2016. We also ran three webinars, with many of our international members joining in. Over 400 people attended, 200 logged on and so far 440 have viewed the webinars. 

If you missed out, you can catch up and view one of the webinars here

We asked roadshow attendees whether they felt the roadshow had answered all their questions. They responded using green or red cards. 10 of the roadshows achieved a green rating of 90% or above. And, 65% of attendees thought One CIOB sounds like a good way to support all members.

Any questions?

You can find out more about One CIOB in the FAQs on this page.

If you have any further questions, please email:

Quick Links

Local Hub committee recruitment information

Apply to join your Local Hub committee

Europe Region Local Hub committee election results

International Local Hub committee results


FAQs - One CIOB brings change

What changes are being made?

Over the coming year, we will be introducing a range of new services and local support for members. A new Local Hub structure will replace branches and centres, to support the changing needs of our members. The Local Hubs will provide improved events and a richer CPD programme with online content. You can also expect improved communications.

Local Hubs - what will they do?

The new Local Hubs will:

  • Deliver high quality local events and CPD for all members
  • Attract new members and represent all members in decision -making
  • Help CIOB connect with key employers, colleges, universities and governments
Have you consulted members?

We surveyed members 3 times over the past two years. We also consulted with 3 levels of our governance, held detailed consultation with staff and benchmarked against other organisations. Over 65% of responding members in 2015 agreed that the changes would support them better. Only ten percent disagreed. We’ve taken feedback on board during the roll-out of the Hubs.

How will you assess the effectiveness of the changes?

We’ve been collecting feedback from roadshows and webinars, member surveys and consultations. There will be another survey of all members in 2017, which will give you an opportunity to provide feedback on the changes. We’ll request feedback on individual events we host too.

Hub practicalities

What is a Local Hub and how is it run?

This is an administrative point which delivers events and services in a local area. A Hub has local staff, a budget and a committee of 6 elected Chartered members. Hubs will offer CPD and advice to members as well as engaging local employers, government and education sector. Hubs will continue to be supported financially by the CIOB.

How does a Local Hub differ from Branches and Centres?

The main difference is that you no longer have to attend events in just one area. You can now attend events anywhere you choose. There will also now be elected committees who will plan events wherever members need them. Staff and committee members have new responsibilities, including engaging with local employers, government and education sector.

Can I only attend events at my Local Hub?

No, the idea is that you can attend any event you choose in any Hub (as well as events we will hold online). We will be introducing online event booking and listings on our events website, making it easier for you to plan ahead. 

Local events can be held anywhere within the Hub area, depending on member demand.

Why these locations for Local Hubs?

We conducted a mapping exercise, looking at where our members live and work and where we thought we could grow membership for the future. We also looked at where major employers and colleges and universities are based and from this, developed the Local Hub structure.

Will there be new Hubs?

This will be the starting point, and may expand to new areas in future, where there is a strong demand and a business case for doing so.

Does each Hub have an office?

Hubs will be virtual for the most part, although many international Hubs will have offices.

How will this impact Novus?

There will be a new Novus global strategy, helping us engage with universities, students and graduates. Novus groups will have their own parallel structure, like the Local Hubs, with a committee of 6 members (not elected). Roles will be open to all member grades, except the Novus Chair which should be MCIOB or ICIOB. A Novus committee member will join the Local Hub committee.

Is this about saving costs?

Each year, branch budgets are underspent by a large amount. This money will be invested in new services and support for members as part of One CIOB.

Hub governance

How will Hubs be run?

Local Hubs will have an elected committee of 6 Chartered members, reporting to the Regional Hub. Find out more in our new Hub Regulations.

When and how will elections take place?

Find out more about Local Hub elections here.

Does the new structure reflect our diverse membership?

The elections of members to committees will make better representation possible. A new Ethics and Diversity Special Interest Group will also be set up over the coming months. 

Improving services for members locally

How will events improve?

We plan to deliver a high-quality core central programme on the latest “must know” topics (including new industry-specific content) as well as exploring new formats and online courses. Local Hubs can also provide relevant CPD for their location.

Will there still be social events?

Yes, face to face social events will still be a key part of what Local Hubs deliver for members, including Annual Dinners, awards and networking.

What improvements to the programme of events can we expect?

Alongside our improved event newsletters, we will now organise events up to 6 months in advance so you can plan ahead. We will also introduce online events in 2017.