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Individual Assessment

If you have a qualification that is not accredited, or recognised, by the CIOB you can ask for it to be individually assessed by us. The assessment will determine what academic recognition and level of membership you can be offered. 

You will be asked to provide evidence of your academic awards, a current CV and proof of any membership, where relevant, you may have with other Professional Institutes. This is an online application process so you will need it all in an electronic format.

You will be charged a non-standard admission fee, which includes the assessment fee and a current subscription. If you do not wish to take up membership following the assessment, you will receive a refund of the subscription fees. Find out more about fees here.


If you need more information about joining the CIOB or have a query and would like to talk to someone about membership:


Contact us here


+44 (0) 1344 630 706