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With over 10 years' experience in the construction industry, Paul progressed from student member whilst at college to Chartered at the CIOB. He has carried out various roles throughout the years, including Chair of the CIOB Hub Committee in Glasgow, Scotland. Here, we asked him about why he got involved and what a difference being on the Committee has made to him.

What was your own motivation to get involved in a CIOB Hub Committee?

My motivation was to give back to the industry. I enjoy helping others; even if it is passing their details on to another Hub member who I feel would be best suited to assist. It’s about teamwork and support!

By being part of a Committee, I can help organise events for the members and also attract new members into the Institute. Again, it’s about giving back.

I have been introduced to many experienced people within the industry through CIOB who I keep in touch with regularly.

What difference has being on the hub committee made to you professionally?

Being part of the Hub Committee has allowed me to network with like mind professionals around the globe. As a UK region, we meet yearly in London which allows me to find out what’s happening in other parts of the country. This also provides a great platform to discuss success stories and lessons learned to ensure we are sharing best practice in each hub and providing worthwhile events for our membership.

Through Skype, I can catch up with other Hub members in Australasia, Hong Kong, America and South Africa to name a few. This allows me to find out if there are any exciting practices and technologies being utilised that we could adopt in Scotland.

It can provide a platform for exciting career opportunities. Existing Hub Committee members across the globe come from a range of specialisms in the built environment and wider field. This allows easy access for existing hub committee members to make contact with someone for advice, support or to discuss employment opportunities.

Why you would encourage others to get involved on a hub committee?

It has exposed me to a new network of people. It has helped with my career progression and enhanced my communication and presentation skills, as well as social skills. Whilst there are loads of professional CPD events and site visits, we organise regular networking events allowing professionals in the built environment to socialise in a relaxed environment whilst sharing their knowledge and experience. This is very important and worthwhile.

Being part of the Hub Committee will also help you progress within the CIOB. I have been involved in the CIOB for over ten years now; progressing from student member, Novus member to MCIOB. I am now working towards FCIOB where I can contact existing members for support at ease due to the contacts I have developed in the Institute.

What have your ‘best bits’ have been during your time on a hub committee?

I was Chair of the first Novus group in Scotland. Not only was it a real privilege to Chair a group similar people in the industry, organising events for students and young professionals, it increased my own status in the industry which in turn led to exciting career opportunities.

Being Chair of the Hub has allowed me to attend the CIOB’s Members’ Forum. I have been to Hong Kong, Cardiff and Toronto over the past few years where I have continued to grow my personal network. This has also allowed me to assist with shaping the Institute and industry in the best interest of our members and prospective members.

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