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23rd June 2020

Testing the strength of brand CIOB

Since the start of the year we have been putting the CIOB brand under the microscope to see how it sits in a busy and complex external landscape.  We have called this project our ‘Strategic Positioning Review’ and we started off on this road because of our new Corporate Plan. 

The overarching goal is to improve the recognition of the CIOB globally, creating clarity and consistency around our messaging and helping us to further stand out from the crowd.  Perhaps most importantly we are testing the strength of Brand CIOB to future proof us and to ensure we are relevant, and inspiring for the next wave of construction talent.

To help us find the answers to these big questions we enlisted the help of an organisation called Dragon Rouge. Right now, we have analysed several peer, parallel and other inspirational brands to see where the CIOB sits in that space and what lessons we can learn to stimulate our thinking.

Of course, a project of this scale needs the involvement of many different stakeholders. So far, we have held focus sessions with members from around the world, including our Novus network, and our Trustees and other external influencers. This insight allows us to interrogate ourselves, delving into negative perceptions of ‘old boys club’ and an ‘easy way to get Chartered’. We have looked at what the ‘moral compass’ really means and how we shouldn’t be lecturing but ensuring it's integral to everything we do and not just a message we send. The role of our Royal Charter also forms part of these discussions, especially outside of the UK.

So far, we have discovered that our sub-brands do need greater clarity. Some of the amazing things the CIOB does is not obviously associated with us, and they should be.  Novus, and our work to connect with future generations also needs improvement to ensure that those who are striving to connect with us feel welcome and gain a more valuable experience.  

We are also challenging the way our brand is designed, recognising that growth in digital platforms present new opportunities too. The current design is hard to make consistent and is too easy to dilute. 

Almost 2000 members have had their voice heard so far on what direction the CIOB brand should take. Below is a statement that is forming under this feedback:

Join us in building a better world 

We believe in creating places that improve the lives of millions. Our industry has the power to make environments safe, life-enhancing, ethically built and sustainable. We encourage people to work together throughout the construction process to create inclusive designs that benefit society. And we champion the big issues of our day through consultation, innovation and education. 

We believe it is the responsibility of all of us to be the moral compass of the construction industry.

By October 2020 we will have finalized the project and will start rolling it out in 2021. Before then we will be having more conversations with our members and other stakeholders to refine our position and approach.

Over 180 years ago the CIOB was formed, and since then it has gone through many transformations. Brands like ours have had to adapt over time and that gives us confidence that the heritage we are building upon can change and grow. I look forward to updating you as we take our next steps in this project.

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