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Site Sage

19 Stonards Hill, Loughton, Essex, IG10 3EH
020 8279 1527 Fax: 020 8279 2163

Specialist in Commercial & Residential - Party Wall Matters - Building Surveys - Project Management - Health & Safety.

Site Sage has many years experience in providing a wide range of building consultancy, surveying and project management services. We assist clients with new-build, refurbishment and maintenance projects in residential and commercial sectors of the construction industry.

Work ranges from one off Building Surveys, Party Wall Work, Construction Health & Safety to the project management of multi million pound commercial and office developments to refurbishment schemes that may be large or relatively modest.

We are Corporate Members of the Chartered Institute of Building. The CIOB are the leading professional body for construction managers and consultants, with a history that spans 175 years and have a longstanding reputation for excellence.

We are also Members of the Pyramus and Thisbe Club. The P&T Club is the leading professional organisation for Party Wall Surveyors in the implementation of the Party Wall Act.

Site Sage prides itself on a fast and friendly service, covering the whole of London and the surrounding counties.

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 If you are a building owner planning work which may fall under the Party Wall Etc Act 1996 and need a Party Wall Surveyor, or are an adjoining building owner in need of a Party Wall Surveyor and have been affected by Party Wall issues we are able to help. The Building Owner can undertake a variety of operations to party walls or floors (party structures) which separate their property from their neighbours (Adjoining Owners) and to adjacent foundations, though there are safeguards to protect the interests of the parties. The procedure involves the issuing of notices and often the appointment of a surveyor or surveyors, who will produce an agreement (known as an award) which is binding on each party. In addition, a schedule of condition is usually prepared. There are variations on the theme; for instance, an Adjoining Owner might be content to allow the work but nonetheless require a schedule of condition to be prepared. For the Building Owner Are you intending to undertake relevant work, such as:- • Build a new wall near or on a boundary line. • Repair an existing party structure. • Alter a party structure, such as demolish and rebuild, raise or lower, build in beam-ends, cut into or away from etc. • Underpin. • Temporarily expose a party structure to the weather. • Excavate in close proximity to a neighbours property - up to 6 metres distant. For the Adjoining Owner Have you:- • Heard from a neighbour that he/she intends to undertake relevant work and seeks your permission • Received a written notice from your neighbour or his/her surveyor • Found out that your neighbour is undertaking relevant work without informing you. Site Sage will:- Advise you on your options. Respond to the neighbour on your behalf. Act as either a jointly appointed surveyor or the Adjoining Owners surveyor. Prepare or check a schedule of condition. Examine the neighbours proposals in detail and consider the implications. Engage with the neighbours surveyor to agree matters. Deal with compensation and other monetary issues as may arise. Check the award during its progress from the drafting stage to ultimate signing. Inspect the work as it proceeds. Assess damage that may arise to your property.
Construction Health & Safety Site Sage has provided a full Planning Supervisor service in accordance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994, since 2003. We now provide a CDM Coordinator service under the revised Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. The key aim of CDM2007 is to integrate health and safety into the management of the project and to encourage everyone involved to work together. We have worked on projects ranging in value from £30,000 to £2 million. Current clients include property developers, architects, main contractors and property management companies. As professional consultants within an industry where risks are often high, and the consequences of any error far reaching, we reassure our clients through meticulous attention to detail. We believe in forming and maintaining close relationships with our clients, through regular communication. This ensures the steady flow of vital information, one of the key factors for effective CDM coordination. We see our role as one of catalyst, ensuring that risks that can be affected by design are identified, effectively assessed and where practicable controlled. Our skill lies in meeting the necessary statutory requirements effectively, yet minimizing bureaucracy and unnecessary paperwork. We adopt an integrated team structure, which gives us the ability to group our resources and experience around large scale and more complex commissions. In an industry beset by technical language and terminology, we ensure that our communication is clear and comprehensible. Having completed numerous courses within the Health and Safety Industry, and having had experience working on a myriad of construction projects, we are not only able to understand the intricacies of each project that we take on, but explain in plain and simple terms how the CDM Regulations will affect it. Other Services Site Visits Other services include site safety visits, which consist of a thorough inspection of the construction site, an inspection of the site files to check whether weekly checks and other company procedures in place are being adhered to by the construction manager. Our findings are summarised on a report which will indicate whether health and safety matters on site are acceptable or require remedial action. A copy is left with the site manager and a copy is forwarded to the company’s head office. Consultancy Advice and Meetings For one off advice, we are happy to attend site meetings, interviews on an hourly rate, however we prefer to give fixed rates for set tasks, as we are aware that most clients prefer cost certainty. Alternatively, for larger sites our services can be booked on a daily rate
Building Surveys Site Sage are specialist Building Surveyors based in Loughton, Essex. We provide building surveys for commercial and domestic properties, in all areas of London and its surrounding counties. It is important to be fully informed about the condition of a property prior to purchasing. Pre-purchase building surveys are designed to provide the purchaser with detailed information on condition to allow a balanced judgement of the purchase price, and suitability to be made before it is too late! We carry out Building Surveys, formerly known as a Structural Survey. We produce a Building Survey which is totally independent to the lender's survey. This is a bespoke service suitable for purchases of all residential and commercial properties. The survey provides a full, detailed picture of the construction and condition. A Building Survey is likely to be needed if a property is for example, of unusual construction and condition, or where conversion or renovation works are planned. The report includes technical information on materials and construction as well as details of a whole range of defects, major and minor. This type of Building Survey Report is much longer and more technical than the RICS Home Buyers Report.