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We Are Ease Ltd. (or just Ease!) is a construction management consultancy, who offer a range of services to help manage your construction schemes across the South West (chiefly Devon and Cornwall). Whichever service is right for you, be assured they are delivered by a passionate team, in an open and honest environment. We pride ourselves on being on your side and part of your team. The services we offer include:


Construction Management: Sometimes the traditional approach to contracting exposes you to too much risk. That could be cost, time, inconvenience or just hassle. Our Construction Management services enable you to take control of the project and helps you, using us on your behalf, manage these risks in a pro-active way. Through the pre-construction period we work closely with the design team to develop an economic and buildable solution. Working together to initially identify the risk and then come up with ways to eliminate and mitigate them. Following this, everything is ready to start on site. This is when we put our site team in place to run the project. Our Ease team are 100% committed to delivering it successfully for you.


Clients Project Management: When you decide to move forward with a Capital Project, be that a new house or business expansion, it can be a daunting task. We are able to work with you to help you understand how to tackle your project and draw up a timetable of the key stages of the project. Not only does this give a clear route from beginning to end, it also enables you to carry on with your day job without diverting all your time into managing your project. Our approach to this service is to understand your business or requirements from the project and then move things forward focused on achieving these objectives. For our business clients we are seconded into their organisation to manage the projects as part of their core team.


Development Management: Now that we have been involved with some key clients for a number of years, where a significant degree of trust has developed between them and Ease, something we are being increasingly involved with is Development Management. We advise and assist our client with initial land assembly, development of the master plan, then manage the inception to completion. This intense involvement from start to finish realises the best and most profitable outcomes for our clients, and limits inevitable stresses for our clients.


Project Doctor: Like many things in life it’s good to get a second opinion about how your project is going, especially if you have some concerns or doubts. We’re happy to have a look at your project, at whatever stage it is at, and look at things with a fresh pair of eyes. Sometimes this just settles your concerns, but in other instances we have been able to significantly reduce costs, simplify the design, reduce the risks or help to eliminate defective work. All this can be done in confidence so not to disrupt your team and changes can be implemented when you are ready to make them.


Feasibility Studies: We are fortunate to get involved in many of our projects at an early stage. This enables us to help shape projects and work with our clients closely to assess the viability of their projects. Together we can work on establishing the costs and timescales for a capital works project whilst you draw up the business case. These two exercises can then be bought together and scrutinised to ensure the right decisions are made before committing to the expense and resource required for a Construction Programme

Example of work 1
• Case Study 1: Hospitality Sector: Ease have become increasingly prolific in its delivery of ambitious projects within the hospitality sector, especially hotels to restaurants. One of our repeat clients, Mr Will Ashworth, owner of the Watergate Bay Hotel and Another Place brand, said: “Ease continually display a unique characteristic in my experiences of the building industry with all my dealings with them, from planning to procurement through construction to completion, where our interests are at the heart of their core values and aims. I could not have wished for a smoother operation managed by Ease through what could have been such a complicated and stressful major redevelopment for the hotel. Their hard work and commitment to providing cost effective solutions through an open, honest, direct dialogue and relationship between ourselves and all parties involved was their greatest strength and one of the reasons this phase of work was delivered so successfully within budget and time.”
Example of work 2
• Case Study 2: Private Residential Sector: Ease is involved with ambitious high-end residential developments for private clients, often in beautiful coastal, but hard to reach, locations. The buildings are bespoke, unique, and sometimes award winning, such as a recent development near Lands End, Cornwall, which won the RIBA South West 2018 for best house. The client said: "Ease managed this challenging job from the drawing board to completion. Working closely with the architects, contractors and other specialist consultants they overcame the problems of difficult access, a sloping and rocky terrain and a demanding design to see the job through to a high standard finish. I recommend Ease as project managers without reservation".
Example of work 3
• Case Study 3: Commercial & Leisure Sector: Ease have become integral to the successful delivery of often complicated and very unusual commercial projects, coordinating and liaising between large teams of funders, specialists, designers and technicians to achieve ambitious programmes and cost controls. Gus Grand, Head of Policy at Eden Project, where Ease are provide construction strategy services, recently said: “Thanks to Ease we were able to open the exhibition on time and on budget, without drama and without excessive stress. Their management of the Core’s refurbishment and the supervision of the programme for the construction of a highly complex art piece was exemplary”.