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Contract for Complex Projects

The Contract consists of the following five documents

Contract Agreement

Conditions of Contract

Appendices to the Conditions of Contract

The User Notes

General Index

How they work together

The User Notes and the General Index are applicable to all projects and, as they are not Contract Documents, only one copy of each is needed for reference purposes.

The Appendices and Agreement require-project specific information to be added before they can be used.  The completed Appendices and completed but unexecuted Agreement may be used as tender or bid documents.  If they are not, then the project-specific details must be extracted from the Appendices and Agreement and included in the Specification used for tender purposes.

The original completed and executed Agreement, Conditions and the original completed Appendices are Contract Documents and must thus be bundled with the remainder of the Contract Documents for each project.

A copy of the Conditions and a copy of the completed Appendices should also be kept with the User Notes, for reference purposes, throughout the duration of the project.

Where should Complex Project Contract be used

  - Suitable For

  - Less Suitable For

Works of high value or complexity Simpler works or those of short duration
Major Real estate projects Construction Management/ EPCM without amendment
Engineering/Infrastructure Projects Inexperienced clients/contractors