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Time Management

Back in 2008, the CIOB conducted a survey into how well the industry managed complex building projects. We analysed data from more than two thousand schemes and found that more than two-thirds were not completed in the time allowed. What was more, almost a fifth of these delayed projects were more than three months late. 

The consequences of late completion are painful for all concerned, and often made more so by the legal cost of sorting out the mess, so there was a clear need to find out why it had become so common. Our research suggested that the main problem was that the industry was not using the latest scheduling, monitoring, record keeping and project control techniques. In other words, what was needed was an overhaul in time management training.


The institute embarked on a five-year plan to put it in place. In 2011 we published the Guide to Good Practice in the Management of Time in Complex Projects and in April 2013 we launched the world’s first Complex Projects Contract, which is designed to exploit the advantages of the latest Building Information Model software, and to put time management procedures at the heart of project documentation.


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