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I have a built environment degree

The built environment has a rich diversity of disciplines. Whether you’ve studied construction, surveying, engineering, sustainability, facilities management, conservation, design management or even archaeology, gaining an MCIOB is international recognition of your professionalism and leadership within the sector.

Straight to Professional Review with industry experience

If you have three or more years’ industry experience, you may be ready to go straight to the Professional Review, becoming Chartered within 6-10 weeks of submitting your application.

Less industry experience?

If you’re a more recent graduate, our Professional Development Programme (PDP) could ease your path to Chartered membership.

  • Flexible study programme
    The PDP is a flexible programme that allows you to identify any gaps in your skills and competencies, working with your employer to ensure you receive all the experience you need to complete the programme. Throughout the programme, you will be compiling evidence of your work within an e-portfolio that enables you to keep track of your progress. 
  • Supported through Professional Review
    As part of your course, you will undertake the Professional Review, so you won't have to complete this on your own.
  • Only 18 months to MCIOB
    The PDP usually takes 18 months to 2 years to complete, depending on experience, and as you'll be undertaking a Final Assessment as part of it, you'll be a Chartered member soon after completion.


The PDP is open to built environment graduates working anywhere in the world. Click here to find an independent assessor.